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Not only am I coming down off the Percocet; I also have an earworm of "Never Gonna Give You Up."
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So they want me to get a CAT scan.

I guess it would throw off the results if I took a break to beat my head against a wall.
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The lab company that screwed up my lab test not once but two exciting times just sent me a bill.

As it happens, it's a bill for when they tested me for everything, and it's only for $15, so I'll go ahead and pay it, but if they send me a bill for this second test, which was just one thing and they still screwed it up, somebody is going to get really yelled at.
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Really, nothing more needs to be said about my hospital experience than that I got there at 8:30 and got home just now.

They took my x-rays and splinted me up and sent me to the hand doctor upstairs; due to some stupid miscommunication no-one knew I was there for another hour and a half, by which point my pain had spiked again. They totally failed to give me meds - I just got a prescription for Motrin, and it had better have some great narcotics in it.

ANYWAY, the hand doctor confirms it's not just any fracture - I have a benign bone tumor that was eating away at the bone, hah, which is why my Hello Kitty handbag sufficed to break it. And I will need surgery, which I'm not even capable of thinking about right now.

If my day weren't great enough already, I dropped my cell phone and cracked the screen. Truthfully, I wanted an excuse to replace it, bu the timing is pretty bad.

One-handed typing is so not my favorite thing. But I'm better at it than expected.


21/10/08 19:23
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Had a very very stressful day at the library - I ended up being on desk for six hours altogether, and a riot just about broke out the last hour I was there. And then, as I was on my way to the bus stop, I threw my bag over my shoulder...

And heard a snap somewhere around my right pinky finger. I don't know how it happened; I just know that if it turns out that I broke my finger with a Hello Kitty handbag, I will never live it down for as long as I live. But I might put it in a book.

Then I tried to get on the bus and it turned out I'd lost my Metrocard and had to walk the mile to the subway station.

I don't know that it's broken. It's swelly and painful, and I just don't have enough cope left to go to the ER because they wouldn't get through with me till after midnight. I'll try to go early in the morning before other people have had a chance to have emergencies. I'm icing it and taking Advil...

I still have so much left to pack. Such bad timing.

I knew my life had been going too well lately, but I thought it was the mob that was supposed to break fingers, rather than karma.


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