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I don't know how I got Japanese input to work on this computer, but. I did.

I rule the universe.

Japanese input in Mac OSX is, "OK, so I turn Japanese on, and the next step is... oh. It works."
Japanese input in Linux Mint is, "OK, so I turn Japanese on, and now I go under Preferences and fiddle with SCIM input method, and it didn't work, let's try and restart it, and it still didn't work, let's download some packages, let's search on the forum, let's restart one more time, oh hey the language bar shows up now but I can't seem to click on it, let's search on the forum some more, I'm getting tired, maybe I'll ask on the forum in the morning. Oh, there's the language bar actually doing something useful but I can't get it to switch over to anything. Let's fiddle with SCIM again... oh, there we go."

This bodes poorly. Yet, I rule the universe.
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Too slow to keep running Linux off a flash drive; too little HD space to comfortably double-boot (the netbook has a smaller solid-state drive rather than a larger traditional spinny hard drive); so I have jumped into Linux Mint with both feet.

I am quite content thus far. I may not yet see the dozen reasons it's superior to Windows, but the installation process was completely painless and all the hardware works right out of the box.


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