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JUST NOW I was wondering, "When do they announce the Tiptree awards, anyway?"

And they did!

I have not read their selection, Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, but it sounds intriguing! Of the honor books and long list, a thumbs-up to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Who Fears Death, and Ash!

(And no thumbs down to any of the other works, which I have not read -- though I know Passion Play was pretty controversial).

Why have I not read Gullstruck Island? Why have I not read The Secret Feminist Cabal?

Answer: because The Secret Feminist Cabal is not available on Kindle, at the local bookstores, or at either NYPL or BPL. I will have to see if I can get a copy at WisCon.* Wasn't Gullstruck Island published as middle grade? I do love a good middle grade book, but the obligatory YA reading tends to shoulder it out lately.

*Yes, I've heard of that thing called Amazon. I do not mail-order if I can help it because it's a pain to get things sent to my apartment and just slightly less of a pain to have things sent to the library.
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I did in fact ride on the subway and read Ooku! Which I liked even better once I realized it was Yoshimune's story and not Mizuno's; I liked Mizuno, but Yoshimune is awesome, and if the premise of the manga is that 90% of the men are dead... I don't necessarily want to just read about the men.

I've been aware of Yoshinaga Fumi for a long time but I've never actually read one of her manga before. Her linework is just incredible. I want to stare at it and stare at it.


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