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I was indeed very unsatisfied with Half-Blood Prince; that's certainly not the majority opinion, and perhaps I was expecting more from it than I had the slightest right to expect (not having read the other books in a while).

I will be adding to this as I think of other things to be annoyed by, it seems.

More. Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler. )

Inexplicably, fandom seems to have much more faith in JKR than I do, and having read a book's worth of speculation in the last hour or so, I really really want to read the next one. Sigh. Well, just one more book and the silly season will be over and done with, right?
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An absolute must-read, from Making Light: Infernokrusher and related poetry parodies based upon the New York Snapple promo giant popsicle gone awry and slushy.
Let us go through certain sticky-covered streets,
The muttering retreats
Of Snapple girls unhappy with their jobs
And PR flacks who put dynamite under everything
And blow it up, then pour gasoline on the wreckage
And burn it down
Before running it over with a bulldozer.
(by James D. Macdonald).

No new costume photos yet; I was away for the weekend, and today got a little boring work done that doesn't really merit photos.

Reading [livejournal.com profile] matociquala's Hammered, which is presently making me despair of coming up to that standard. But that's a compliment, really!

A few more days and I get to go up to Montreal. We won't have air conditioning, or at least not air conditioning that's as good (alas!), so I hope it's not as hot as it is here now...


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