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K**** county has yet to call me back. I mean, I understand that it's hard to accomodate someone for an interview far, far in the future, but I need my plane tickets, if I'm going. And maybe they don't want me at all. And maybe they're scared of voice mail like I am, and I haven't been home hardly at all this week.

Nor has Suffolk called me back. I guess by now they've found somebody.

I have been utterly lazy on the job apps for a couple weeks now (it's hard to remember to bring my resume paper to school, and my printer at home is dead), and there are half a dozen I have to do now. Is there anything so dispiriting as putting in job applications?

I'm working on the principle that nobody's going to fly me anywhere, so I'm refocusing more locally: R**, New Hampshire, but also two cities in NC, and some places in Virginia and SC, and a part-time permanent and part-time summer position that are local enough so that I wouldn't actually have to support myself. I'm happy to relocate almost anywhere, even for a typical librarian salary of $32-40K, but at half of that I'd be living in penury, so I'm not applying for part-time jobs elsewhere...
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I special-ordered these from Nordstrom, but they're too tight for me, alas. I will be getting these instead. I spent some time trying things on, and I must say, Munro shoes are pretty fabulous.

I'm still hoping for a better option, but I'm becoming cheerier about a possible move to the Norfolk/Newport News area. I've found some (slightly) cheaper apartments. Cost of living, by the book, is a little bit higher than Chapel Hill, but considering how cheaply I live now I think I could swing it. I will need a car, of course; there's no question of continuing to be car-free, but in how many places could I have hoped for that? And, you know--right now, technically, I live in a suburban apartment-complex strip-mall wasteland. It's just that there's a cool small town a mere mile away. I don't want to rely on a car for getting me to anywhere interesting, but at least this time I'll have a car. And of course I shouldn't be disdainful of any job opportunity just now. (But they don't have an Ikea anywhere nearby! They're like the only place that has cheap good bookcases!)

I would love to live in a Seattle or a San Francisco, but at the same time, it's not healthy to live in an echo chamber, and my prof thinks that libraries should challenge their communities, after all. I'm good at surviving in places where everyone disagrees with me. I am good at being more amused than outraged.

I want to start building a life for myself, without feeling guilty about spending other people's money. That's the important thing now.

...I've spent way too much time thinking about this; I'm going to be pretty sad if this falls through just because of all the *research* that'll have gone to waste!

[job posts are friendslocked as necessary depending on how easy I think it'll be to Google me].
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I promise... gonna stop the job-whining soon.

But they have posted an opening for a youth librarian. A little south of San Francisco. At a living wage.


(Also applying for jobs in Ohio and Arkansas, because I've seen my competition, and my competition is very, very smart. And because I believe that if I sacrifice enough resumes to the Job Faeries, I will automagically get a good job).


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