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How is it that no one has informed me of Library War before now?

It's a novel/anime/manga based on the Statement on Intellectual Freedom in Libraries from the Japan Library Association!

It takes place in a world where books are censored by the government, and libraries have their own armies to protect their books and the right of people to read them!

I'm not exactly sure that I believe in a world where it makes more sense for libraries to have their own armies, than for book printing and distribution to just go underground (Probably the novel makes more sense). And the shoujo manga version, at least, has a certain number of shoujo manga cliches; the heroine, Kasahara Iku, is twenty-two but looks and acts like a fifteen year-old. And, in a bit ripped shamelessly from Utena, she has joined the Library Corps to chase after her "prince," who saved her fairy tale book from getting confiscated when she was in high school. She has a mean and unfair drill sergeant who is only mean to her because he has very high expectations for her, and also is very protective of her when she is in danger. Gee, I wonder who her "prince" could possibly be?

I do like the bit where her parents think she's training to be a librarian but secretly she's gone into the library army! I may try to track down the novel - particularly since there's only one volume out of the manga so far.


13/6/06 09:26
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The libraries are getting some money.

MY library is getting some money. We're going to expand over the next four years. Yay!!!

The cost: A total of $636,600, made up of $224,000 for renovations; $273,000 for furniture, equipment and books; and $139,600 for new staff.

Hopefully some of that "new staff" means ME. But regardless, they really, really, really need, and deserve it.


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