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I can't actually imagine knitting colorwork socks, because stranded knitting with skinny yarn takes absolutely forever, and I don't show off my socks enough for it to be worth it. (If I could ever find the mythical orthopedically-acceptable, not-overly-dowdy mary janes, that could change...maybe...)

Still, I must note Torchwood socks, Tardis socks. Hey, you never know.
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I do not want to talk about being mad about the election.

I will talk about being mad about knitting!

(Non-mad note: I stayed home sick from work today and made a substantial amount of progress on a cabled sweater. I learned how to fix an improperly crossed cable several rows down, which impresses me very much! I have always been the type to launch myself into projects without being scared of whether I had the skills to complete them -- except for sweaters; they're just too expensive to screw up -- but I have to admit my skills are getting pretty decent there.)

The book that has aroused my ire is Knits Men Want. It is a book of patterns that are supposed to avoid the things that men dislike in knitted gifts: bright colors, gaudy colorwork, lacy stitch patterns, and so on and so forth. Okay, even if I mind the gendered slant, I can admit that there are a lot of people who prefer plainer patterns, myself included. I am knitting a plainish gray sweater now, albeit one with some super-fancy cabling on the sleeves. However.

It's kinda the whole subtext of my book, Knits Men Want. Even if you find it boring to knit, so plain, so monochromatic, if he wants it, knit it anyway.

So, like, it's not enough that I'm hypothetically going to spend weeks and weeks knitting Hypothetical Man socks for his hypothetical large-size feet (and I know how long it takes to knit socks for big feet!) -- I also have to make sure it's the right color and the right kind of pattern, even if that means I spend weeks knitting plain brown or navy socks? I'm not asking Hypothetical Guy to suck it up and wear pink-and-yellow lacy socks, but if he's going to be that picky... he can maybe buy his own socks? Or, heaven forfend, knit his own socks?

I'm all for taking into account people's own likes and dislikes and allergies, and not imposing your own idea that someone would look adorable in a reindeer sweater on someone who doesn't want to wear a reindeer sweater. But for the amount of time invested that a knitted gift represents, I feel like it's just another way of devaluing women's labor to say that the ultimate arbiter of its value is the man who hates the reindeer sweather, rather than the woman who spent so many weeks making it.
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* I am signed up for [community profile] origfic_bingo!
Here is my card.

The comm showed up on my network page a little while ago and I decided that after so many months of working over the same novel, I could use the fun of playing around with some short stories just for me.

First priority is the novel, though. I was working on it tonight but I fell asleep.

*I finished a pair of socks! Wool socks are SO WARM LOVE. I think they are about 85% responsible for the improvement in my condition. My next project is making toe-up socks, which I think are a good alternative to making the legs as short as possible out of fear that my massive feet will use up all the yarn.

*I am almost done with Mockingjay but unfortunately find myself agreeing with [personal profile] rachelmanija's review. I can love a grim book, but have the grimness be in service to something real and important. Have it strike right to the heart. I don't want Katniss to get a happy ending by authorial fiat. In a world where she's being manipulated by everybody, where the only real question is whether her image is being used by good people or bad ones, I want her to somehow strike a blow for authenticity, for a gloriously messy truth, not just to decide between one boy and another boy. And if your point is that there's no such thing as authenticity, okay, I'll buy that, but don't make me believe that a world without authenticity is okay because you picked the right boy.
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Eye update: still not feeling great at all, but I've gone from "howling in pain" to "it feels like my eyelids are made of sandpaper" to a kind of persistent low-level ache.

Even if I put off laundry till tomorrow, I have a lot that really needs to get done yesterday, and which I might have accomplished if I didn't have soap in my eye.

And now, what I actually came here to post, which is the yarn that I have and what I want to be working on with it!

300 yards of baby alpaca worsted, in a plum burgundy color: mittens! And then if I have enough left over afterwards I could probably get a cute hat out of it too. I might get a skein of cream yarn and taking a first attempt at fair isle.

1 skein of rainbow sock yarn: this was becoming a lovely Pomatomus armwarmer two WisCons ago, where I encountered [livejournal.com profile] oyceter also knitting Pomatomus socks. (Because I don't trust patterns to fit me, and I keep continually trying them on, it's rather uncouth for me to knit socks in public.) I dropped some stitches and it started unraveling, so I might just start from the beginning since it was working out so nice before. (It's hard to get a pattern to work really well with rainbow-colored yarn.)

Various leftovers from the Doctor Who scarf: it's not very soft wool, but I could always try making it into a felted bag. It's not a priority, because I'd just be doing it to put the wool to some use.

1 skein of dark grape sock yarn: I'm not really making any headway on the big lace project, so maybe I should do a lace scarf out of this just because it would be lace at a kind of manageable size. On the other hand, it's the only really good sock yarn I have that's not already designated for another project, and it's a lot of yards, so maybe socks.

1 sken of dark red Malabrigo sock: This is going to be socks, and a present for somebody. Maybe my next project, but I need to talk myself down from grand ambitions and persuade myself to tackle a not-impossible sock pattern.

Next I think I'll do either the mittens or the Malabrigo socks, since I've got plenty of time before it starts getting cold and plenty of time before Christmas. And I'll see if I can make some headway on the lace shawl I started on some time ago that is all of 4 inches long, stretched out.

On with my day!


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