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Election results tonight! Woo! Exciting!

...What? I don't do sports, and this is the next best thing.

I miss the multi-party system of government. It's not that I would vote for the Marijuana Party or the Marxist-Leninist party, but it's somehow good to know they're there.

...I have to go to class. I need a Coke. Caffeine withdrawal* is teh suck.

*I'm not going off caffeine; I'm going off soda, because sugar water is not so healthy. But because I don't do coffee, and hate diet soda, and can't get hot tea on campus, this effectively means I'm going off caffeine. The semester I have two night classes and a night shift. It's so much fun. And, interestingly, the one Coke I allow myself each week has started giving me heart palpitations.
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I'm in a nonfiction mood, so in spite of the MASSIVE quantity of fiction I got for my birthday (Yay!) I picked up "Lies My Teacher Told Me" with my B&N gift card.

"The U.S. has done more than any other nation in history to provide equal rights for all," The American Tradition assures us. Of course, its authors have not seriously considered the levels of human rights in the Netherlands, Lesotho, or Canada today, or in Choctaw society in 1800, because they don't mean their declaration as a serious statement of comparative history--it is just ethnocentric cheerleading. (169-170)

In ninth grade, before we read Anthem by Ayn Rand, we were assigned to write about the freedoms we enjoyed because we were Americans. Little just-barely-political me was annoyed because I wasn't an American*, and because I couldn't think of a single freedom that I had in the U.S. that I didn't have in Canada; in fact, because of the automobile culture, I had significantly less personal mobility. But America was The Land of Freedom. You didn't question that.

*I had lost my accent by then, I think, so no one can be blamed for not noticing that.


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