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I won the Flyway Home Voices contest!

(Flyway is ISU's literary magazine. Normally students aren't allowed to submit, because we're also editors - the Home Voices contest is the one thing we are allowed to submit to, because it's judged blind by someone who's not a current editor.)

It was with a revision of this poem. *


This poem is about a fight I had with my mother, so I felt like I was going to get struck by lightning for having written it, but then Deb Marquart came to our class and talked a lot about having written personal memoiry stuff, and stuff that was very mean about her parents, and said "Well, you can just hide in obscure journals for a while." So, well. Maaaaybe I'll just keep this one slightly under wraps.

*That entry is not public, but I'll link to the new version when it goes up on the Flyway web site at some point.
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Yay, congratulations!
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YAY, congratulations!!! <3333
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SO GREAT!!! Congratulations and well-deserved!!
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You did an awesome thing! Good job at the thing!